Gambian presidents Kentucky Fried AIDS cure?

August 31, 2007 at 4:47 am Leave a comment

 Why do I find it difficult to take Africa seriously ?

I first heard of this fools insanity in March of this year.

The brainless, idiot president of The Gambia is claiming that he has found a cure for AIDS. The cure was revealed to him in a dream by his dead ancestors and consists of seven herbs and spices mixed together into a smelly green liquid inside a pancake syrup bottle. — OH! And get this… are you ready for this? Don’t come for your miracle cure on Friday through Wednesday. Why, you ask? Because the cure only works on Thursdays!!

To quote from Spiegel Online International;

A British correspondent from the Sky News network suggested Jammeh ought to have his method tested by independent experts. The president snapped back at her: “I don’t have to convince anyone. I can heal AIDS and don’t have to explain anything.” He was visibly flustered by her request to analyze a sample of his herbal mixture. “Not in a million years,” was his reply.

This son of a goat needs to be imprisoned for a long, long time. As if it’s not bad enough that he is using his jungle voodoo on these ignorant people. He is also telling them they must stop taking their AIDS retrovirals. His “patients” are also not permitted to visit their families during treatment, of course, because to quote President Jammeh Yahya, “The white people can do anything to sabotage the treatment.”,1518,470231,00.html



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