Did They? Or Didn’t They?

September 2, 2007 at 4:47 am Leave a comment

So the Taliban released the South Korean hostages, and the big question flying around is: “Did the South Korean government pay a ransom?”

As a rule, I agree with the U.S. official policy of “no negotiations with terrorists”.

Now, with that being said. What if it was my wife? WWSD? (What Would Sluggabohn Do?) I would walk through the Taliban minefields, dodge the roving patrols, low crawl under their barbed wire, sneak up behind Mullah Omar, and with fire in my eyes and righteous indignation in my heart — I would fall down on my knees and beg for my wife.

Yeah, that’s right. Negotiate with terrorists? I would kiss his sweaty ass, give him my car, house, bank accounts, credit cards and YOUR first born child.

  • How could I say such a thing? Because the thought of losing my wife over principles is literally (as I type this) making my stomach lurch.
  • Will it encourage more kidnappings? Maybe. Probably.
  • Do I care? Definitely. It would most likely haunt me forever.
  • Would it stop me from doing ANYTHING to get my wife back safely? — nope

I do not know if the South Korean government paid a ransom to the Taliban, but I cannot judge them if they did.



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