In India: No Food? Penniless? Go To Jail !!

September 15, 2007 at 11:57 pm 1 comment

 OR: To Live and Die in New Delhi

 I haven’t heard anything this despicable since, well, September 5th when I wrote Criminalizing Poverty which reported on a new Indonesian law that puts beggars in jail.

Well, it’s happening again; this time in India of all places! Apparently this is a long standing affront to human rights law. Of course, these cowards don’t even have the balls to call it a jail. They prefer the term “beggars’ homes”. Oh! How sweet of the Indian government to provide homes for all the beggars!

Although the law is not a new one, I had never before heard of this happening in India. However, the 1,400+ lepers, elderly, and handicapped people currently imprisoned in these ‘homes’ can expect a lot of new company. You see, India will be hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2010, and these suck-asses want to “clean up” the capital before their European masters arrive. Can’t have the decent white-skins affronted by a starving child begging for coins, eh?

The police don’t even require a warrant to arrest a beggar (defined as anyone “having no visible means of substinence and wandering about”). This describes me for about 90% of any given day.

The beggars’ court in New Delhi is overseen by Suresh Gupta, a heart-less bastard who eats children and rapes animals. Ok, I made up the cannibalism and bestiality, but he IS a heart-less bastard. When asked about the evil practice of criminalizing poverty, he remarked (with love in his heart, and a bluebird on his shoulder):

This is for the welfare of the beggars. Is it good to beg on the streets? People complain if a person begs.

Well, Mr. Gupta, we can’t have people complaining. Now can we?

Inside India’s beggar jails



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  • 1. kikil  |  January 9, 2008 at 9:00 am

    i dont know what and how the indian blogs BOAST on this,
    BAH ! what a shame …..
    if the indian gov dont have the IQ to manage the beggars , just lock em up .


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