Chavez’s latest nationalization move: Indoctrinate the Children

September 18, 2007 at 10:11 pm Leave a comment

OR: A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Use

Hugo Chavez is now threatening to close down or nationalize any Venezuelan private schools that refuse to bow down to his socialist government and teach from his new textbooks and curriculum.

In a shining example of his thoughts on free thought and free enterprise, he proclaims:

“Society cannot allow the private sector to do whatever it wants”

 CNN reports:

“Anticipating criticism, Chavez said the state’s role in regulating education is internationally accepted and it is not possible for a school administrator to insist on autonomy in countries such as Germany or the United States either.”

However, to compare state regulation of education to mandatory party written texts and curriculi is apples and oranges.

This idiot is ruining his country and pushing democracy back by decades. Out of control oil prices have created a windfall of cash for Venezuela (as well as several other despots and questionable democracies such as Iran and Russia) allowing him to buy influence into several other Latin American countries – some of whom are buying into his “Bolivarian Bloc” nonsense, some of whom just need the money.

His sycophants and supporters seem oblivious to the fact that his economic policies, which have put his country completely at the mercy of world oil prices, are set to bankrupt Venezuela if a sudden drop in prices occurs.

I predict bad times for Mr. Chavez’s “revolution” when this happens, and I wish him all the worst.


Chavez threatens to nationalize non-compliant private schools



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