Armless Man’s Deadly Headbutt

September 19, 2007 at 1:46 am 2 comments

OR: Never Fight An Unarmed Man 

So you’re girlfriend leaves you for your next-door neighbor who just happens to be shy a couple of limbs (arms to be precise). What do you do?

Well, like any other man, you get into a fight with the armless homewrecker. No brainer, huh?

What if it turns out that this particular 2-limbed neighbor is some sort of super-pit fighter who kills with his head?

Oddly enough, Charles Keith Teer of Snellville, Georgia found out the hard way when he was headbutted in the chest by William Russell Redfern resulting in the early demise of Mr. Teer.

Teer’s sister Lynn Elliot described it like this:

“They got into a big confrontation, a verbal confrontation and a fist fight and he came after my brother, he came with full force, and head butted him as hard as he could.”

A fist fight, Lynn? That sounds a little one-sided.

She continued:

“There’s an ongoing investigation but he died within five minutes,” said Elliot. “They took off running right after he got hit. He (my brother) was still standing when they left, but my daughter was here, and he leaned against the truck and said, ‘I’m about to faint,’ and he hit the my (sic) driveway before anything could be done.”

“Rusty” Redfern is apparently also some kind of local artist, he started “Redfern Originals” in 1987 and paints greeting cards with his feet.

PLEASE don’t cry to me about how I’m making fun of a dead guy. The whole point is that when I die, I want to go out in a unique way. Just like Mr. Teer.

Armless Artist Questioned In Neighbor’s Death



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