Use A Toilet Or Go To Jail

September 28, 2007 at 8:14 pm 1 comment

OR: Up Sh*t Creek Without A Paddle

Police in the Eastern Uganda district of Tororo are arresting villagers who do not have toilets for their homes. District authorities are trying to discourage people from the common practice of defecating in bushes, and said that the “toilet defaulters” would be released in exchange for an agreement to dig a pit latrine within one week.

From Tororo District Chairman Emmanuel Osuna:

“It’s lamentable that while the Americans and the Europeans are visiting the moon and are about to reach the sun, in this part of Africa I am busy hunting for people who claim they don’t have the time and the technology for making simple pit latrines.”

I’m not sure why District Chairman Osuna believes that Americans and Europeans are about to reach the sun, but…whatever… 

During a wednesday raid in Osukuru, 50 homes were found to have no toilets; however forty of the disgusting bastards escaped by swimming across the river to Kenya or by climbing nearby high rocks. (Apparently the police are forbidden to chase people onto high rocks.)

Okay, that’s just nasty. Dig a damn hole, for god’s sake. It’s bad enough that you have to be told to do it, then threatened with jail, but OMFG! is it really worth running away and swimming to another country!!

Toiletless men arrested in Uganda



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  • 1. Deadmandanny  |  September 28, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    WTF? I still Shit in a bush and she likes it! What’s the problem? shesh some people.


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