South Korea to host conference on condom size

October 8, 2007 at 3:45 am 17 comments

South Korea’s government wants to set international quality and size standards for condoms. *chuckle… tee-hee*

A five-day meeting, organized by the International Organisation for Standardisation and the Seoul government, will begin today (October 8th) on the southern resort island of Jeju.

The Commerce Ministry’s standardisation agency expects 100 people from 50 nations to attend, agency spokesperson Yoo Yong-Jae said. No mention of huge orgies was made, but participants are hopeful.

South Africa’s Mail and Guardian Online reports that South Korean firms, led by Unidus, account for about 30% of global condom sales. Unidus chief Kim Sung-Hoon said:

“Demand has been growing for years for unified international standards on the size and quality of condoms to ensure users are protected from disease and women from pregnancy,”

“The size of South Korean condoms now meets international standards, helped by an increase in the size of men’s penises here”

Okay I think the question that’s on every man’s mind now is, “How exactly are South Korean penises experiencing this sudden growth spurt?” 

Kim Sung-Hoon goes on to say that globally, 80 major companies are capable of producing 12-billion condoms a year, but annual demand is just eight billion.

Citing the good quality of South Korean condoms, he said his company would lobby for the World Health Organisation and other participants to adopt Korean standards.

If the world starts going by the standard of Korean penis size, I think we’re all in trouble.



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  • 1. Korean-American Guy  |  May 30, 2008 at 1:25 am

    Actually this makes sense. Korean males have been growing in both height and size as well as penis size. Korean people in general are growing because: A) Korean genetics from South-Central Siberia so they’re not genetically small, but big, this is fully expressed due to the lack of calcium and other nutrients in the Korean diet. B) The Korean diet and food is being enhanced after becoming a developed country so nowadays the food has the nutrients that promote growth and testosrone. C) There is a slight correlation between height and body size to penis size. Korean height has risen dramatically to 5’9, close to the average American Caucasians 5’11 and expected to contiue to grow. That’s why Koreans are experiencing a growth spurt in both height, body size, and penis size. Also the international average for condom sizes is above the global average penis size. Now that Korea meets the size, I guess they want to join in and say “Hey now we’re one of the nations with guys that have above average penis sizes like many western european countries, the U.S., Canada, etc.” lol

  • 2. Korean-American Guy  |  May 30, 2008 at 1:28 am

    well I felt that big might be a bit braggy, and I guess above average or average would work here instead, but Koreans aren’t genetically short and small. Also Asian genetics isn’t exactly short either in both height and penis size. Chinese genetics also are around average height and penis size, but because many live in poverty and don’t get enough nutrients for growth, much of the population don’t express it fully.

  • 3. not a korean lol  |  August 22, 2008 at 7:36 am

    hahahahaha when did i miss this? lol. but i do agree with korean american guy, i would actually say that koreans are quite tall after having lived in korea for two years i should know better than the rest of yall.

    koreans born fifty years ago are really a lot shorter than young koreans (like 30 ish), and even younger koreans (20 and under) are often 6 ft tall or more at their young ages. of course not all of them, there are a lot of short koreans, but i think more than 40% of the younger korean men are at least 5′ 10″ and they’re still growing at that age, so i would say quite a few reach 6 ft or will in the future.

    however what doesn’t make sense is that korean americans tend to be very short! this completely throws me off because in america there is tons of food and healthcare, so with this ideal environment, they should grow tall, right? but if you ever go to korea and then come to america and visit some koreans raised here, you will see that the are quite different physically, and actually shorter and with a different physique and appearance. (this goes for women as well.)

    frankly, being someone who is curious about the world, this has puzzled me to no end. the diet in korea is different for sure, but i wouldn’t say it’s exactly healthier. most koreans eat ramen and other “asian” junkfoods, which have much less fat and grease than typical american potato chips or fast food, but i guess have a ton of artificial stuff inside. also, a lot of koreans can’t stand dairy and creamy stuff, like cheese, in large amounts. i mean, they eat bread and ice cream, but it’s a lot less dairy than you will get in the states. and whereas most americans eat cheese and milk everyday, koreans dont eat it everyday, only a few times a week i would say.

    so my conclusion is that the excess fat, grease, and dairy that korean americans eat is what makes them short. this is because fat releases steroids and causes a premature growth spurt. i think this must affect the korean body especially when i look at how dramatic the difference is between koreans raised in the states and those raised in korea.

    so here’s another question, why are caucasians able to be relatively tall in spite of eating these fats which causes the premature growth spurt? perhaps the western diet is simply right for westerners? im not sure what the answer is, but that’s my best guess. although, as a caucasian male, i stand at only 5’6″ (but still have time to grow, im 17) and i eat american food… most korean americans are about my height, and im not especially tall, nor do i truly expect to grow by a lot more, hopefully i will reach 5’8 or 5’9 but seeing how short my parents are, i would consider 5’8 as a job well done on my part.

    so sorry for rambling on like this, but i’m obviously very curious myself. what kind of diet and genes and other factors make you tall? it seems like a lack of nutrition causes shortness, but too much food, and the american diet might actually make some people turn out shorter… ehhh so i don’t have a point but there are my two cents.

    by the way, i should probably add that my observations are based on koreans living in seoul and americans (korean and otherwise) living in los angeles and orange county. i’ve never been to tennesse or anywhere outside of california (except i have been to new york and the rest of east coast, they are a little different but i couldn’t tell if they were taller or shorter than west coast, esp since a lot of the east coasters were raised in korea, so i have a limited data pool haha) so it might have some something to do with the water out here lol.

    but then again, i imagine the vast majority of korean americans are west coast anyway, with some living in new york, esp college ages. there’s another thing, doesn’t this mean all the smart koreans go off to the fancy schools in the east coast, while the unexceptional ones stay here in the west? could there be a difference in height between smart and not so smart koreans? lol you never know…

    anyway i don’t know why im saying all this so ill stop. just keep in mind koreans are pretty tall in general and i think they are quite a lot taller than chinese or japanese ppl (although it’s hard to compare to chinese because there are so many different races in china, compared to the perfectly homogenous populations in korea and japan) and just the “asian” stereotype in general.

    i think “asians” are seen as short because japanese ppl, who were the ones westereners are most familiar with, are pretty short in general. so you think all asians are short, but just look at korea, it’s right next to japan but the ppl there are quite tall if they just eat more and get enough rest and sleep. (compared to working constantly and poverty from the day you’re born.)

    but back to condoms! if korea produces 30% of the world’s condomns, then this is and article all by itself! lol i had no idea. so in that case i don’t think it’s a bad idea for korea to make standard condom sizes (god knows this is necessary to the global community)! i guess im a little biased (i like korea because im doing tae kwon do, that’s why i lived there and everything) but i don’t see why it’s objectionable either.

    although you cant ask me to verify first hand about korean men’s penis sizes……… i would say that they are, ahem, for lack of a better phrase, up to global standards. and much more so than the united states, korea is in a good position (if it does really produce 30% of the world condoms) to assess the needs of the asian-east asian, south east asian, and possibly even middle eastern, markets and provide quality condoms to the global communtity. and for this a proper sizing standard is of course necessary. 🙂

    lmao, hats off to a korean condom sizing standard. i’m sure it’s nothing to be embarassed about! i am anticipating further news lol…. also, sorry for the big, huge comment. i just couldn’t contain myself when presented with such a facinating topic…

  • 4. not a korean lol  |  August 22, 2008 at 7:38 am

    wow! i wrote a lot more than i thought i did?!?! maybe i should just become a journalist.

  • 5. NDUKA CHIMAOBI EBERECHUKWU  |  September 18, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    I am a scientist from Nigeria and I have been wondering on the issue of standardization of condom knowing the fact that, there are differences in size and texture and wonder what the real standard ought to be. So please I would love to be a part of the conference and how can I be invited.
    Thanks, as I look forward to hearing from you
    Nduka Chimaobi E.

  • 6. PASTOR KEAME APPIA  |  September 18, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    I want to attend your conference in South Korea ,so could you please send me invitation letter to enable me to attend the conference. Hope to hear from you. GOD BLESS U IN JESUS NAME.

  • 7. James  |  February 2, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    Talk about being obsessed with height. It hardly has anything to do with penis size. Im only a 5’7″ white guy but my penis is 7.25″. Being tall or better nourished does not significantly correlate to one’s penis size. Yao Ming probably has a 5″ penis like most Chinese guys. I have heard more than once about guys over 6ft with really small ones. My friend is only 5’9″ and his is at least 8 in. Penis size can only get bigger if women are singling out the guys with bigger penises to be their mates.

    I would hate to have to live in a place where people are trying to measure respect by height. Not only does that promote insecurity among males, It superficially effects how people might make friends. Men will ultimately do whatever they can to look more masculine and the traditional values that women used to look for in a partner will go out the window. We’ll all eventually be 8ft tall idiots.

  • 8. anonymous  |  August 22, 2009 at 1:55 am

    Chinese men don’t have 5″ penises. White men do. There have been no reliable measurements of the Chinese race so far, but they are some the largest people on the planet.

    Penis size and height are related, but of course they don’t always match.

    however what doesn’t make sense is that korean americans tend to be very short! this completely throws me off because in america there is tons of food and healthcare

    It’s because they’re genetically inferior to the ones that stayed at home and found success.

  • 9. mr celestine goodluck anozie  |  September 18, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    it very disappointing that i was not part of all yourr conference but i want to a part of this october conference

  • 10. SH  |  February 10, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Ummm no. Korean condoms are too small. I live in South Korea now, and Ive had close calls with condoms slipping off because they are too small. I am about 7 inches, the korean condoms are maybe 5 inches long but it is the girth that is small, they are hard to get on.
    And, Koreans have public baths. Korean men are not well equipped from what I have seen there. I mean REAALY small.

    • 11. Anonymous  |  May 15, 2013 at 2:31 am

      Hey…Korea condom size is more than 30 Cm….Liar.

  • 12. Rachael Dove  |  March 8, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    I have a Korean BF and I thought he was odd because it’s over the 7 inch mark, plus the fact that all you have to do is watch K-pop those boys aren’t boys there. And no they can’t be stuffed as the whole outline and everything is there so really I think in any country you can never judge that. Because to average something you can only ask people willing to say which is not a lot. And Koreans are very private on the whole and well mannered. So believe that such matters are silly as you should love the person anyway.

  • 13. keepinitreal  |  March 28, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    people are always using bad data. people often incorrectly cite a Korean study that measured flaccid stretched penises, not erect ones.

    2.2 Measurements

    The flaccid penile length was measured in a warm quiet room. The penile length was defined as the distance from the pubo-penile skin junction atthe dorsum to the tip of the glans. The suprapubic fat thickness was defined as the thickness of the fad-pad when the examiner firmly compressed up to the pubis symphysis at the pubo-penile junction. The stretched length was measured after maximum penile stretching at the first attempt. A rigid ruler was used, except for the penile circumference, to avoid measurement error due to penile curvature. The mid-shaft circumference was measured with a tape.

    I’m not saying Koreans have monster dongs, but the 9.6 cm figure thrown around is not accurate. I suspect it is closer to the Japan/China numbers from the region.

  • 14. lili  |  October 21, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    There is no secret for anyone that Koreans have the smallest equipment, at least it´s the smallest I´ve ever seen, and its easy to certify it, just go to any sauna and prove it yourself, even when they are dressed wearing those tight pants you can see how tiny they are, and about condomns. Not that mine is a monster but I just could never buy condoms in Korea, I had to go to the military US base and get standard condoms, korean size is way too small and I mean SMALL, I even thought that it was a complot against foreigners to not let us have sex there, then later I realized they only sell small size.

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