Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Ashamed of Himself

October 11, 2007 at 3:08 am Leave a comment

CNN has reported an Associated Press story about the latest insane ramblings of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (or ‘el Presidente Loco’).

Chavez’s latest flavor of the day is to try to shame his people into not drinking, smoking and indulging in “shopping-mall materialism”.

Aside from raising the tax rate to 50 percent on a range of alcoholic beverages and increasing the 52% cigarette tax to 70 percent, he has several of initiatives (which are strangely reminscent of Cambodias Pol Pot) to change the daily lives of average Venezuelans. Such as Don’t douse foods with too much hot sauce, exercise regularly, eat low-cholesterol foods, respect speed limits. He also wants parents to stop buying Barbie dolls — and breast jobs — for their daughters.

“Now some say, ‘When my daughter turns 15 years old, we’re going to give her phony breasts.’ What a horrible thing! It’s the latest degeneration,” Chavez told one packed auditorium.

Now I can’t speak for Hugo, but when I see a Venezuelan girl with big hooters in a tight t-shirt washing a car… I NEVER say “What a horrible thing!”

CNN reports:

“We’re one of the countries that consumes the most whisky per capita in the world. We should be ashamed,” Chavez said recently on national television. “I’m not willing to continue offering dollars to import whisky in these quantities. What kind of revolution is this? The Whisky Revolution? The Hummer Revolution? No, this is a real revolution!”

The Venezuelan people do not seem as ready to embrace the puritan lifestyle as their coo-coo leader.

“If I drink my bottle of whisky it’s because I worked for it. I made the sacrifice and therefore I can drink whatever I want,” said shopkeeper Ernesto Gonzalez, 49.

Chavez: ‘We should be ashamed’



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