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Iran says CIA is ‘terrorist’ agency

There’s always one, isn’t there.


“Iran’s parliament has approved a nonbinding resolution to label the CIA and the US army as “terrorist organisations”.”

Oh give me a freakin’ break. You know, I can actually sympathize with some of the complaints that Iran has with the CIA and others. But this ‘resolution’ is reminiscent of a 9-year-olds insult come-back “No I’m not, you are!”

And what exactly is Ahmadinejad going to do if it is ratified into Iranian law? Are they going to freeze CIA assets? Will they apply travel restrictions on US Army personnel?

al-Jazeera goes on to say:

“The (Iranian) government is expected to remain silent over the parliament resolution and wait for US reaction before making its decision.”

Well what the hell do you think the US reaction will be? Condoleeza Rice or a White House spokesperson will come out and say something like “accusations from a state sponsor of terrorism don’t carry much weight in world opinion” or “statements like these are just another example of Iran trying to divert world attention away from their funding and arming of terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon.”

What a bunch of jack-asses.


I was almost right, it was National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe and his exact words were that he declined to comment:

“on non-binding resolutions passed by parliaments in countries with dubious records on human rights, democracy and that are state sponsors of terror.”

The story from IRNA (Iranian state controlled news agency)
Iran’s parliament votes to label CIA, U.S. Army ‘terrorist’ groups
Iran says CIA is ‘terrorist’ agency



September 30, 2007 at 3:55 am 1 comment

The Upcoming War with Iran

Is Bush going to attack Iran within the next six months?

**A recent Harper’s Magazine article entitled “The Next War Draws Nearer” by Scott Horton lays out a convincing argument, citing six recent developments that suggest it could happen as early as late this year or early next.

 **Former CIA operative John Baer thinks so.

“I’ve taken an informal poll inside the government,” Baer told Fox. “The feeling is we will hit the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.” His Time column also suggested that “as long as we have bombers and missiles in the air, we will hit Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

**Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton hopes so. He’s such a lovable little fascist! I’ll bet he really misses Hitler.

Of course Bush’s recent statements about designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization means that he can throw out the Geneva convention again (along with any of the Christian morals he pretends to have).

Better head back into Wal-Mart and pick up some more yellow ribbons, my fellow Americans, it looks like you may be needing them.


September 16, 2007 at 10:44 pm 2 comments

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