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In India: No Food? Penniless? Go To Jail !!

 OR: To Live and Die in New Delhi

 I haven’t heard anything this despicable since, well, September 5th when I wrote Criminalizing Poverty which reported on a new Indonesian law that puts beggars in jail.

Well, it’s happening again; this time in India of all places! Apparently this is a long standing affront to human rights law. Of course, these cowards don’t even have the balls to call it a jail. They prefer the term “beggars’ homes”. Oh! How sweet of the Indian government to provide homes for all the beggars!

Although the law is not a new one, I had never before heard of this happening in India. However, the 1,400+ lepers, elderly, and handicapped people currently imprisoned in these ‘homes’ can expect a lot of new company. You see, India will be hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2010, and these suck-asses want to “clean up” the capital before their European masters arrive. Can’t have the decent white-skins affronted by a starving child begging for coins, eh?

The police don’t even require a warrant to arrest a beggar (defined as anyone “having no visible means of substinence and wandering about”). This describes me for about 90% of any given day.

The beggars’ court in New Delhi is overseen by Suresh Gupta, a heart-less bastard who eats children and rapes animals. Ok, I made up the cannibalism and bestiality, but he IS a heart-less bastard. When asked about the evil practice of criminalizing poverty, he remarked (with love in his heart, and a bluebird on his shoulder):

This is for the welfare of the beggars. Is it good to beg on the streets? People complain if a person begs.

Well, Mr. Gupta, we can’t have people complaining. Now can we?

Inside India’s beggar jails



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Man’s Best Friend Becomes Man’s Main Course

OR: Breaking News! Man Bites Dog

 You know, of all the people I hate (and I hate a lot of people) Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe stands out among the rest.

I’ve written before about his stupidity (see From Breadbasket to Basketcase), and how he has made his country a crap-hole.

If you’ve been following the Zimbabwean news, then you already knew what a mess this country has become. Well believe it or not, it’s getting worse.

Apparently, the latest way to survive the poverty that Mugabe has inflicted on his people is to eat the family dog.

I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, PEOPLE!! CNN is reporting an AP story about how people are eating the family pet just to survive.

DO NOT THINK THAT I AM IN ANYWAY BLAMING OR CONDEMNING THEM. I would do the same thing if an evil demogogue had ruined my country. (I’m looking at YOU, Bush.)

The story goes on to tell us that the animal shelters cannot feed or euthanize the animals they have because they have no food or poison. Why not give the animals to the starving people? That’s not a joke. The people need to eat, and the animals are going to die anyway.

Robert Mugabe, there is a special place in hell for you. Don’t keep them waiting.


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Criminalizing Poverty

Indonesia’s North Sumatra is now criminalizing poverty.

After generations of war, corruption, civil strife, and colonial mismanagement Indonesia’s “for the people” government has begun fining anyone diabolical enough to drop a coin into the hand of a starving homeless mother of seven. But the goodwill doesn’t stop there. The new rule of philanthropy will also imprison the evil beggar for up to six weeks. I guess they are trying to live up to “the good ol’ days” of Suharto?

Apparently, these wicked people are not only stretching out their evil claws to pluck up coins to buy rice or flour and all the other niceties of which the rest of us can only dream. But it seems that some of them are also using the ill-gotten gain for such luxuries as medicine for sick infants and sometimes even clothing.

No, I don’t give money to every person who asks for it. And I have felt harassed from time to time by what seems from my perspective to be overly aggressive panhandling. I am also not so naïve as to believe that none of these people are drug addicts, or con-men. But anyone who believes that everyone on the street deserves to be there or that there is a scam behind every skin and bones mother carrying an emaciated infant is not only a fool; but is also so hard-hearted that they deserve a taste of that life themselves.

And let us not forget, we are not talking about New York City or Chicago where soup kitchens, homeless shelters and mega-churches abound. We are talking about North Sumatra, Indonesia where poverty is the norm and government assistance consists of a slow horrifying death. Have you ever seen the poverty that pervades many Asian countries? 50% of the population of Indonesia lives on less than $3 per day. Please don’t insult your own intelligence by believing these beggars are hopping into BMW’s at the end of the day and driving back to their mansions.

One of the links below is from the opinion page of The Jakarta Post.

I quote “S. WIRAWAN of Tangerang, Banten”:

“There is a place for everyone. The handicapped and the aged should be cared for at special homes. Unemployed youth should be encouraged to take up available jobs.”

This is a tacit approval of the unfortunate fact that in some Asian countries having a visible physical handicap automatically makes you unemployable. Being a single mother is also frowned upon by most employers, but I guess S. WIRAWAN of Tangeran, Banten overlooked them in his round-up of undesirables.

I’m all about paying your own way, but I also have a heart for the disadvantaged.

The Jakarta Opinion and Editorial
Street children rally to oppose draft law on vagrants
Indonesian city to fine tourists who give to beggars
Taking Off (A blog by The Chicago Tribune’s Travel Staff)


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From Breadbasket to Basketcase.

How do you turn a country once described as “the breadbasket of Africa” into a starving nation of unemployed emigration seekers?

If this is a question that has been on your mind, well the answer is finally here. You need look no further than the daily news stories of the mismanagement, incompetence, and blatant stupidity of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Once held as a model for agriculture based economies in Africa, Zimbabwe has become an international joke and a symbol of the incompetence of African leaders.

The economic woes began when President Mugabe ordered the seizure of the countries white-owned commercial farms for redistribution to blacks in 2000. Since that time Zimbabwe has earned the distinction of having the world’s highest rate of inflation currently at 7,634% officially, although independent estimates put it at closer to 25,000% and the International Monetary Fund forecast it to reach as high as 100,000% by years end. (For comparison purposes, the inflation rate in the U.S. was 2.36% as of July of this year)

Almost every week you can expect to see stories of Zimbabweans crushed to death by stampeding crowds frantic to get things as simple as sugar or flour. Thousands of people flee to neighboring South Africa each day to escape the horrors of their own country.

Unemployment has hit 80% and is expected to continue rising. Bank and government officials are being barred entry into some countries because of corruption and human rights abuses. Opposition leaders are beaten in the streets and jailed without charges.

The latest brilliant idea of Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party is to give government sweeping controls over how foreign companies can operate in Zimbabwe. Obviously reminiscent of his land grab of 2000, critics say it will erode what little confidence is left in this god-forsaken hellhole.

You are pathetic President Mugabe. You have brought shame and disgrace on your family name for generations to come.

Thousands flee Zimbabwe into South Africa a day
2 die in stampedes at Zimbabwe exhibit
Stampede in Zimbabwe to buy sugar turns deadly
Britain slams door on Zimbabwe’s top bank official
Zimbabwe inflation at record high
Mugabe orders wage freeze in inflation-ravaged Zimbabwe
IMF: Zimbabwe’s inflation could reach more than 100,000 percent


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