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Pepsi Employee Attacks Coca-Cola Employee

Apparently David Paulina, 42, of Clymer, PA (a driver for Pepsi) decided he didn’t like something about Robert Koscho, 48, of Ebensburg, PA (a driver for Coca-Cola) and they got into a grumbling and insult match while putting out their respective displays at a Wal-Mart in White Township, PA.

So about the time they both left, Paulina calls Koscho over then cold-cocks him three or four times breaking Koscho’s nose and giving him a black eye. reports:

A Coca-Cola representative told WTAE Channel 4 Action News that the fight started over shelf space in the aisles of the store.

Shelf position is very important for product sales, and the competition for prime space can be fierce, according to Gary Baum, who owns Cook’s Market in Greensburg.

“Most places have to pay premium prices for each linear foot of shelf space, especially when you get to the frozen food, beverages, cigarette companies,” Baum said.

Although Pepsi did fire Paulina (claiming they don’t tolerate violence), I think it is obvious that Pepsi makes you a bad person and everyone should switch to Coca-Cola.

Cola Wars Get Physical As Pepsi Worker Attacks Coke Employee



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Kim Jong-Il says he is ‘internet expert’

Reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has boasted of being an “internet expert,” reports said on Saturday.

The communist state keeps itself closed to the outside world to prevent so-called spiritual pollution from subverting its hard-line socialist system.

Kim told delegates at this week’s historic inter-Korean summit his internet expertise made him reluctant to allow further access to the web in the communist state, the South’s Yonhap news agency reported.

Kim’s comment came as he turned down South Korea’s proposal that a joint industrial park in the communist state be connected to the internet.

“I am an internet expert. Many problems would arise if the internet is connected to other parts of the North,” Yonhap quoted Kim as saying.

The media is a propaganda tool in North Korea, where televisions and radios are tuned to official channels only, and the leadership is aware of the internet’s potential to stir up dissent.

It operates its own version of the internet, a highly censored intranet that is policed by the Korea Computer Centre, North Korea’s window on the worldwide web and its leading high-technology research and development hub. — AFP


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Psycho Ninja Woman Attacks “Illegal Spics”

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

The nutjob you see pictured here is Amanda Jane Darling Harris (or AJDH) of Eagle, Colorado.

She is accused by Eagle Police of chasing a group of 9 to 15 year old children while wielding a 18-inch samurai sword on September 20th, and has been held until posting a $3,500 bond today.

Apparently she was unhappy with the fact that the “illegal spics” (as she reportedly called them) were playing in the parking lot of the Villa Apartments. The children told police that she called them “little fu*king wetbacks” and told them to get back to their own country. Because of these terms of endearment, AJDH will be charged with ethnic intimidation along with her suspicion of menacing, use of a deadly weapon, misdemeanor third-degree assault with a weapon and harassment charges. reports:

“According to the police report, the teens said Harris yelled at the children, “If you’re scared, then you’re guilty.” That is when they said she chased them with the sword.

One boy said Harris grabbed him and held the sword to his throat, telling him he “needed to stop causing her problems.”

A girl told police that Harris chased and grabbed her and threatened to cut off her ponytail.”

Ahhh… here we go. Aren’t you glad you read to the end? Harris is employed by Pooh Corner Preschool in Minturn, Colo., according to the arrest report. A spokeswoman for the preschool said she couldn’t comment on Harris’ current employment status.

Police: Woman Chases Kids With Samurai Sword


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